History of the Fireman

Since 1947 ‘The Fireman’ has provided news and information to CFA brigades, keeping fire-
fighters up to date on developments within the organisation. It has also given brigades and
firefighters an opportunity to contribute items and make comments on a wide range of

The first ever edition of ‘The Fireman’ was printed and distributed in July 1947, just 18
months after the establishment of the Country Fire Authority. The founder and first editor was
Norman Tosh, at that time captain of Warracknabeal Fire Brigade, who recognised the need
within the revamped fire service of a regular publication to assist with the disemmination of
information to brigades throughout Victoria.
The paper commenced as a quarterly but became a monthly within a couple of years.
In 1953 Norman Tosh sold ‘The Fireman’, this being the commencement of the involvement
of the King family. Les King was the editor for 20 years, to be followed by Alan King and, in
2001, by the present editor Gordon King.
Like the organisation that it services, ‘The Fireman’ has constantly developed and changed to
ensure that it continues to provide valuable and interesting information to all CFA members,
keeping its readers up to date on matters that affect the fire service and, in many instances,
being the sole source of important facts.
Management of ‘The Fireman’ is proud of the importance that readers place on the publica-
tion – positive and unsolicited feedback is received regularly from subscribers throughout the
One of the unique facts regarding ‘The Fireman’ is that readers help determine its content.
Brigades and firefighters regularly make contact regarding local issues – incidents, training,
exercises, vehicle handovers or brigade functions – to have a report published in the next
edition. This contact is crucial and is welcome from any brigade throughout the State.